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Last Updated March 5, 2017
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Guillotine du Senegal Guillotine 1903 Guillotine 1889
Fallbeil 1946 Guillotine 1794 Guillotine 1907
Guillotine 1860 Guillotine 1889 Fallbeil 1854
Guillotine 1907 Guillotine Reunion Guillotine 1810
Guillotine 1810 Guillotine 1889 Guillotine 1810

Click on any picture above to see more details of that model.
This website is continually being updated. Check back frequently for new information.
For a historical information and photographs of the real machine go to the History Page.
For information and photos from my trip to see the Saint-Pierre guillotine click here.
To purchase complete construction drawings of an 1872 guillotine click here.
To see photos of the Swedish guillotine, used once in 1910, click here.
To see historic photos of various types of German fallbeils click here.
For a photo gallery of over 200 of Anatole Deibler's "clients" click here.
For a visual dictionary of frequently used guillotine terms click here.
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