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This section is dedicated to a few of the public places where my guillotine models have shown up. On the left as an illustration in the German history book: "Altes Reich und Neues Recht" (Translated "Old Kingdom and New Law") published by a group of German historians. In the middle as a sexy model for professional photographer Kent Lacin. On the right as a movie poster star for the 7th Annual Sacramento French Film Festival.

On the left advertizing the publishing of Claude Cueni's new novel about French executioner Sanson: Der Henker von Paris. In the center one of my fallbeil models on the cover of Matthias Blazek's book "Scharfrichter in Preussen und im Deutchen Reich 1866-1945" (Executioners of Prussia and of the German Reich 1866-1945).
On the right a humoristic poster promoting the use of the Metric System (invented during the French Revolution) in Singapore (Photo courtesy of Gilles Massot and the 2013 Exhibition "Campaign City", Singapore National Library)