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The following sites are all related to the guillotine.
If you know of others please submit them to my E-mail address: or

Excellent website with incredible 3D computer models of the guillotine as well as drawings to build your own model.
This huge site is in French. It is the best site for massive amounts of information, photos etc. all relating to the guillotine.
GUILLOTINE FORUM - A great place to discuss all that pertains to the machine, the executioners, the death penalty and anything related. Many posts are in French but there are also quite a few English-speaking members.
This Swiss museum houses several guillotine models, including two of mine. It has a full size guillotine replica on display as well as many authentic headsman's swords and axes.
THE WIKIPEDIA GUILLOTINE PAGE - Online encyclopedia with some interesting facts about the guillotine. Two photos of my models are used to illustrate this page.
DREAD WILLIAM - Working model guillotines loosely based on the 1792 design are for sale on this site. Also featuring the smallest model guillotine in the world. Some very beautiful woodworking.
Located in Saint-Pierre, this museum exhibits the only real guillotine in North America. Currently not shown on their website. Contact them for more information.
Blog site dedicated to historical research on the French executioners, executions and the death penalty in France. Lots of interesting material, but it is in French.
Yvan Marcou's web article on the French Bagne in Guyana and its guillotine.
MUSEE DE BOURAIL ET SA GUILLOTINE - The New Caledonia guillotine beautifully photographed by Patrice Morin.
The Axis History Forum hosts a huge thread on beheadings during the Third Reich. A lot of interesting information and hundreds of pictures including photos of German Fallbeils. There is over 200 pages of information to wade through if you have the patience.
THE SWISS GUILLOTINE - Webpage in German about the death penalty in Swizerland and the Lucerne guillotine used until 1940.
Several very artistic webpages about the guillotine and the French terror.
Three great theatrical guillotine models designed by artist David Cellitti.
This small French museum houses a real unusual - and probably fake - mobile guillotine dating back to the Revolution. Webpage is in French.
Richard Clark's extensive site focusing on the death penalty in the United Kingdom & England also has a page dedicated to the history of the guillotine with some very interesting facts about the German guillotine.
Link to the Criminology Museum in Rome where Mastro Titta's guillotine is exhibited. The beheading machine, introduced by the French in 1810, was used by the Papal State until 1870.
Link to the Vosges regional website - dedicated to the history of the region. Lots of historical and local content, including information about Zuckermeyer and Vanšon executions in Remiremont in 1899 and 1910. Site is in French.
Link to a Czech website about guillotine model builder VladimÝr Sebecek who has extraordinary talent in this field. His models are 1/10th scale and represent various guillotine designs through the ages.
Brainspillage! - A very funny blog site by CL Deibler about "crazy cousin Anatole". Great drawings obviousy inspired by material on my website. The author's book on the subject is on sale through the site.