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Following is a list of contributors to the website as well as documentation sources. I acknowledge that putting together this site was only possible because so many people were willing to share their knowledge and documents with me over the years. If I have forgotten you, I apologize and I request that you send me an E-mail to remind me and I will correct the omission.

GUIDO VARESI - The owner/curator of the Henker museum in Sissach - Thanks for buying my first model and thereby helping me launch Bois de Justice. Thank you for the interesting technical information exchange and for providing the Tussaud and Valence execution pictures in the History section as well as the picture of Franz Reichhart with the 1854 Munich fallbeil.
ROBERT OPIE - Author of the excellent book: "Guillotine: The timbers of justice" and skillful guillotine maker himself - Thanks for all the technical help and insight into the design of the guillotine and the encouragement to build better and better models. Also many thanks for the great Weidmann execution picture on the History page, the guillotine picture from New Caledonia and the rear view of the 1907 guillotine.
YVES ROSSIGNOL - Guillotine fanatic and master draftsman - Thank you for spending nearly a year working with me on the drawings for the 1889 guillotine. Your skills in mechanical design are truly amazing.
DARYL BENDER - Master 3-D designer and jack of all trades - Thank you for the assistance with all the 3-D part design.
STEVE LAPLACE - Guillotine and History enthusiast - Thanks for your continuous effort in proofreading and editing the website and especially for helping me locate the guillotine in Saint-Pierre.
GORDON ANDERSON - Artist, Historian, Collector and Restoration Specialist - Most knowledgeable of all the guillotine historians. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and incredible documentation with me. Also for letting me display your excellent restored photos of the execution of Dagorne in 1896, Kisslinger under the awning at Würzburg and Reichhart at Augsburg.
DAVID FITZGERALD - Guillotine fanatic and collector - Thanks for the enthusiasm, the technical insight and the web design primer course. Also thanks for the picture of the night crowd at the Weidmann execution. And please... don't cut your fingers off with that Reunion guillotine.
MR.P - Fallbeil historian and collector - Thank you for the historical pictures of the Hamburg, Munich and Berlin Fallbeils and for all the great information and pictures on the German guillotines.
SYLVAIN LARUE - Webmaster of "L'Art de Bien Couper" and author of several books about "Grandes Affaires Criminelles" in France - Thank you for creating the great website, invaluable source of inspiration to all guillotine afficionados. Credit due also for information and newspaper clip on Besse & Simorre affair, numerous photos of Deibler's clients and photos of the Danvers and Baillet executions.
JOURDAN - Historian of the French Executioners - Discovery of historical documents describing the early Tobias Schmidt guillotines in detail.
YVES EGGERMONT - Guillotine and History enthusiast - Photographs of the Luxembourg guillotine in storage.
GAËTANE and REMIREMONT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Thank you for sharing the information on the local criminal cases and for the copy of the second photograph taken after the Zuckermeyer execution.
SYLVAIN MICHOT - Guillotine historian and master detective. Sylvain can find just about any historical document on this subject! His main interest is documenting all the executions from 1800 to 1870. Thank you for finding numerous photos of Deibler's clients for me, including Albert Bruneau, and for the photo of the 1929 Valence execution.
PIOTR - Guillotine and fallbeil historian - Thank you for the high resolution photograph of the 1896 Dagorne execution, for the one showing preparation for the 1908 Grete Beier execution, for the outstanding series of Katowice fallbeil photographs and for your shots of the Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg fallbeils.
JOSE JIMENEZ - Guillotine fanatic and collector - Thank you for all the great pictures of the Swedish guillotine and for trying to get me the ones of the Hanoi guillotine... and of course for buying one of my models.
ROSIANE ARTUR DE LIZARRAGA - Director of the Musée de l'Arche - For the warm welcome in Saint-Pierre and for giving me access to the guillotine and the archives.
RODRIGUE G. - Historic researcher and archivist - For finding the new information on the Saint Pierre guillotine, establishing that it is not the one used for the Neel execution. And for sharing the results of your research with me.
YVAN MARCOU - Award winning journalist and author of articles on the Bagne in Guyana. Collaboration on resolving the "mystery" of the Cayenne guillotine and location of the photos of the Bagne "executions". Use of photos on the Website.
JEAN-JACQUES LE RUYET - aka "Le Photographe" - Guillotine and History enthusiast - Thanks for the excellent (and unknown) photo of the Weidmann execution and for all the other information on criminal affairs in France. Thank you for the excellent five new photos of Deibler clients.
MUSEE de la POLICE - Archives team that helped me find all the new information during my last visit to the museum.
SEBASTIEN TESSIER - Guillotine fanatic and collector - Thanks for the picture of Fournier on the History Page.
CARTER DREVES - Historian of the Fallbeil and German Scharfrichters - Thank you for the analysis of the Regensburg photo and the information about the Reichharts. Thank you also for sharing your vast knowledge of the fallbeil, scharfrichters, execution protocol and German justice system.
JØRN FABRICIUS - Webmaster of the Guillotine Headquarters - Thanks for evaluating my website and giving me good practical feedback. Thanks also for the great 3-D models that inspired me to get started.
BERNARD WEISWEILLER - Guillotine historian and modeler - Thank you for the lessons in metal hardening and tempering and for the great 1792 blades. Thank you also for sharing your notes on the real guillotine and your experience working with Delarue.
JOHN FERULLO & STEVE PROCTOR - Thank you to my St Petersburg "team" for all the amazing work grinding and shaping the pulleys for the Berger guillotine. I would definitely trust these guys to work on my teeth if I lived in Florida!
RON BLACK - Photos of the Rastatt fallbeil.
HEINZ HORAT - Lucerne Prison Museum - Technical and historical information about the Lucerne guillotine.
RAPHAEL ORTOLA - Guillotine fanatic and collector - Thanks for the film clip of the "Veteau and Martin" execution. INCREDIBLE footage!
MICHEL BOISSEL - Editing the film clip of the Weidmann execution to correct frame distortion and running speed.
CHRISTOPHE - Collector of vintage photographs relating to the Gendarmerie - Use of picture of the execution of Dagorne in Saint-Brieuc - Picture restoration by Gordon Anderson.
ARCHIVES MUNICIPALES DE REMIREMONT - Photographs relating to Zuckermeyer execution. From dossier Ms 128 "Notes sur l'histoire de Remiremont et lieux voisins".
KENT LACIN - Photographer - For the excellent picture of my model and for making my guillotines famous in the Sacramento area.
VLADIMIR SEBECEK - Photographs of the Pankrac fallbeil and execution room memorial.
FLORENT COOLS - Thank you for the photographs of the heads of Claeys and DeGroote.
ALBERT FABIANI - Thank you for the photographs of the Bartoli execution and of the various Corsican bandits.
ROMAIN LAZZAROTTO - Use of personal photographs of the Vietnam guillotines.
RYAN OLSON - Thanks for helping me edit the 1868 guillotine photograph.