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Guillotine 1907 Execution 1909

    Custom Guillotine Models, handcrafted in Hardwoods, Steel, Copper, Brass and other metals.

    True to the original "bois de justice" or "timbers of justice", the legal name given to the guillotine in France.
    Most parts are made by hand. Only basic hardware parts, such as screws, nuts, springs and hinges, are sourced commercially.
    Very accurate working copies of the original guillotines used in France from 1792 to 1977.
    Standard working scale is 1/6th. Larger and smaller scale guillotines can be built to order, please inquire.

    Each guillotine is built to your specifications.

    Enter the Gallery pages to see more detail shots of my various guillotine models.
    Can be customized to match any specific guillotine, including the 1868 Berger guillotine, a German fallbeil or the Swiss Lucerne guillotine.

    My guillotine designs are based on real historical photographs and scale drawings.

    Design details of several known guillotines can be incorporated into your model.
    See my History page for some historic insight into the guillotine.
    Model guillotines are powerful and very realistic. They are not toys and should be handled with care.

    Each guillotine takes from 100 to 400 hours to complete and is made of up to 500 individual parts.

    The finished guillotines are signed, numbered and shipped with a brief History of the guillotine and detailed assembly instructions.
    My guillotines are incredible conversation pieces that will draw a lot of attention. Guillotines also make unusual cigar cutters.
    Guillotine models can be built from many types of wood including oak, rosewood, mahogany, maple and teak.
    Prices start around $500.00 for a 1792 revolutionary model guillotine.
    Go to the Workshop page for current backlog of models and approximate waiting time.

    Guillotine History Page - Lots of photographs and facts about the French guillotine from 1792 to 1981.

    A copy of the legal document that made the guillotine the official instrument of capital punishment in France for almost 200 years.
    The Brugge guillotine - The guillotine in the French Colonies - The guillotine in North Africa.
    Photos of what is probably the only real guillotine in North America.
    Actual execution photos from 1869, 1891, 1894, 1897, 1899, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1914, 1939. A photo gallery of severed heads.
    A photo gallery of almost 200 criminals executed by Anatole Deibler between 1885 and 1939.
    Pictures of the guillotine that was used for the last execution in 1977.
    Vintage photos of two German fallbeils from the 1920s. Photos of two guillotines used in Vietnam.

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